I’ll miss this place.
Winter 14′ in Tokyo
The first time I went to Tokyo was in the winter of 2014. It was the first trip after buying my first Sony Camera. We were four people, me and my then girlfriend (now wife) along with her best friend and her boyfriend. A double date trip to Tokyo & Hokkaido. After 2014, I went back to Japan almost every year. It’s not hard for people to fall in love with Japan, I’m sure some of you reading this will nod along. Here are some of my favourite shots of my favourite city in the world.
The Big G’s Old View
Tokyo’s Twilight
Through the Shrine
Roppongi Hills Protecting Guardian
The Roppongi Forest
Jet Coaster
Toward Fuji-san
The Magenta Cloud
Shinjuku’s Alley
The City Backdrop
The Main Station
The River View
The Rainbow Bridge

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