One of the ice-breaker I normally used to get to know someone more is asking “What’s your favorite city?”. When I was growing up, the answer to this question used to be San Francisco in California. After 3 visits there, my answer swung to the other opposite end. One answer from many of my close friends that always surprised me is Porto in Portugal. I was a little doubtful then, but I felt like I need to go to Portugal one day. After our day-trip in the Duoro Valley wine region, we finally get to spend the day in Porto, and it was magnificent. Among the things we love are the winter sky, the cobblestone paths, the giant bridge, the riviera, Gaia on the opposite side, delicious seafoods, and a few bites of Francesinha.
1) Cobblestones Toward the River
2) Sunrise over Ponte dom Luis
3) The Other Side of the City
4) Sun Toned
5) Her and the Double-decked Bridge
6) Local Greetings
7) Breakfast on the Bridge
8) Us
9) The Lookout
10) The Sandeman Follows
11) Porto’s Painted Facades
12) Morning Stroll
13) Oranges Bloom
14) The Iconic Blue Paint
15) The Train Station
16)The Original Cable Car City
17) Golden Boy
18) Pinocchio’s Hideout
19) Crowded Livraria Lello
20) People Watching
21) The Downside Up
22) Her Book for 2020
23) Walk Away
24) Alley View
25) Big Brother’s Watching
26) Blank Stare
27) Porto’s Secret Recipe: Francesinha
28) Evening Golden Light
29) Golden Times
30) Last Flight Home
31) Magenta Shift
32) By the Promenade
33) Porto’s Icons
34) Blue Hour Shine
35) Up with the Birds the Next Morning

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