I missed being at the airport. It’s been almost half a year since I was at one, and the world of airports has changed a lot since then. Our flight was scheduled on the 7th of August, we were going to get back to our hometown after a long while away.
We went early, as additional steps from the embassy were added. List of flights which used to be a rolling 7 pagers on a large digital screen are now reduced to half a screen list. We all need stronger reasons to travel now. I overheard couples who got separated and stuck on the wrong side of the border and we did not go through that. I guess no one like transiting in crowded airports, but I have to admit, it’s sad to see one of the world’s best airport so empty.
The Emptied Terminal
Transiting in Isolation
Safe Distance
Emptied Rows
Passing the Parked Plane
Traveling Blue

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