Chong De Beach, shot on DJI Mavic Air

Looking up at Taoyuan Airport

When was the last trip that I've travelled, no it hasn't been that long - even with a newborn we managed to go to Pattaya and Khao Yai. I would consider myself lucky to be able to do so. The last trip with my parents though, was a different story - was it Chiang Mai in 2020 ? or was it earlier than that - it was the Covid Year. Earlier in the year, I thought of my mom at almost 70 and my uncle and 67 and I know my time with them are limited. I asked M if I could take a weekend off to take my parents and my brother travelling, and I'm grateful for M and her family for taking care of our little boy while I'm gone. We thought of Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and decided that Taiwan might be the best use of Chinese from everyone except me, and I guess it's a relatively short flight. So we booked the trip in January before filling the itinerary in. Reminiscing of my time with them in Okinawa, I decided to rent a car to visit more remote part of Taiwan, partly due to the cramped space that allow four of us to exchange intimate conversations. I was the one planning. I took pride in being a vacationist.
We rented a car and embarked on our journey to Eastern Taiwan. We spent the first afternoon driving non-stop and arrive by nightfall. The first morning, I made a point to visit Chong De Beach, a place that beckoned to me with its rugged and raw beauty. The sand was dark and strewn with pebbles, while the Pacific Ocean stretched out before me in a seemingly endless expanse of blue. We opted to stand on the shore and marvel at the power and majesty of the sea. The sound of the waves crashing against the sand was hypnotic, a rhythmic melody. As I stood there, gazing out at the vastness of the Pacific, I felt a deep connection to the natural world and a profound appreciation for its infinite wonders.
Next, we drove toward Qing Shui Cliff, a place of raw and unbridled beauty that left me awestruck. The cliffs loomed like titans, their rugged surfaces etched by the elements into intricate shapes and patterns. The sea stretched out before me, its waves crashing against the rocks in a thunderous symphony. I felt as though I had arrived at the edge of the world, a place where nature held sway and humanity was but a distant memory.

From the Shore

From Above

Pacific Wave

Qingshui Cliff Panorama

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