Duoro Valley is supposed to be one of the most beautiful road trip one can take in Portugal (or at least according to the internet). This is why we decided to wake up early and rent a car for the day to experience this part of Portugal on the road. On our uber to get the rental car, our driver told us he is from Pinao (our final destination), and told us about the scenic route above the cloud. We followed his recommendation despite it being one of the most windy roads which resulted in one of our friend ending up road sick. It’s winter time and considered low season for Duoro Winery, but that also help us with the light traffic. I’ll let the 26 pictures tell the story about our winery hopping day back in December 2019. 
The Day Trip Plan
1) Mesao Frio Above the Clouds
2) From Below
3) The Barrel Huts
4) Vallado’s Orange
5) Blue Duoro
6) The Winery View
7) Winding Road
8) Winter Escape
9) The House by the River
10) Mid Day Sun
11) Lunch’s View
12) Panoramic Walk
13) Benching
14) Making Friend Along the Way
15) Alternative Transport Options
16) White Capped
17) Pinhao Station
18) Our Crew Members
19) Sunset @ Pinhao
20) Saying our Goodbyes
21) Twilight
22) Lonely Sandeman
23) Streetlamp & the Distant Moon
24) Little Trees Sending Us
25) The High Winding Way
26) Headlamp & the Last Light 

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