I miss flying.
On the way to Phuket, the sight outside the transparent window was filled with shades of blue. There was no line where the ocean stopped and the sky began. Descending down, the tiny islands got larger while the clouds swallowed the clear sky.
Phuket, is one of them most visited destination in Thailand. In normal times, it’s unlikely you’re going to find any empty beach. The post covid world left beaches quiet. It’s a dimmed outlook for the travel industry, but also a chance for the nature to take a break. 
The sky was scattered with cloud. We left Phuket heading north over to Phang-nga wishing the weather will clear up by the end of the day. The road toward Phang-nga bay was quite quiet, convenience stores on the side turned into small local shops. By the time we arrived at our destination, light rain was falling.
The rain was on and off, like a flickering old light switch. The greyish blue sky said good bye without saturation. The light rain went on until nightfall, adding to the adventure of our night in the tent. We took turns to the shared bathroom to wash up, and came back to the tent for a loose sleep night. 
The sky partly cleared up before blue hour. The rain probably stopped over the night, but the deck was still wet. I tried to thread softly so I wouldn’t wake other neighbors. The slow sun-rise felt like warmth were being added from beneath the earth. Rays suddenly filled the space between the clouds, and wipe the rainy sleepless night out of our minds.
Samed Nang She Boutique Hotel

The wonderful dawn was worth the wait. We came down for dinner and drove back toward Phuket. Clouds started to cover back and suddenly light rain got dialled up to a strong shower. Our next destination is Koh Yao Yai(Translation: The Long Large Island). We were early at the pier so we had to wait, both for our speed boat to come and for the weather to calm. 
The Boat Ride through the Island
Koh Yao Yai Village, view from our room
We arrived at the so called “Long Island”. A local truck take us another half an hour to our hotel. It was a very large complex, while it’s sad to see just few rooms occupied. The bright blue backdrop in the lobby welcomed us with wide arms. Checked in, us and the sun were ready for some exploration on motorbikes, of course – island style. We had lunch, roam around the island for a couple of hours before ending the day at the main attraction: Lam Hard, which is the sandbar at the tip of the island. 
Us & the Giant Sandbar in the Ocean
The Swing at Land’s End
Heads Up, Sun’s Down
Trying the Glowing Sand
Good Night, from the Island
The Morning After, rays finding ways through the cloudy sky.
Til next Time, Paradise

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