Do you believe in magic?

I don’t. However, these past week showed me that there magical places exist. Life changing kind of places. Much of wealth, opportunity, more importantly, positive changes to the world stemmed from this 180 Square Miles valley. Silicon Valley happened to the world.
I had my doubts about this place. Why here? Why does everyone have to be here pay more expensive rent, just to study in “the best school” work in “the best company” or start a company in such places for the start. I wonder what’s the magic behind all of it, and whether spending my time here can change my mind. It did.
Part of it might be due to the weather. Cool breezes where people can spend time outdoors, magenta range of mountain behind a layer of pine trees. Beautiful gardens and Californian palm decorated driveway. The environment was somewhat magical to a moment investor like myself.
“The force is proportional to the product of the two masses, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them”
Gravity, would be another big factor. Maybe Newton’s law does apply outside of just the physical realms. Like minds attract each others, and the shorter the distance, the stronger the force. I don’t believe in business schools, but I do believe in great things that could happen from having the best people. It’s also a positive flywheel that is unstoppable. The difference between number 1 and the rest is like playing a game of Slave (card game), the king always get the best cards, and with the best cards it’s pretty hard to lose the game.

Most importantly, I came to realized being in these places myself, is the magic of legacy. You realized that it’s possible to do great things because people who walked the same path did it before. Phil Knight, Larry, Sergey, Reid Hasting, Elon Musk (the list continues) literally walked the same hall. Possibilities need to be redefined in these magical places. If the impossible is always redefined by people who like you, walked these paths, what stops you?

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