We arrived in Venice in the afternoon. I was excited when the stretch of train track went over the water. The sunny sky reflected in the Adriatic sea remind me of Porco Rosso. Post covid Venice in December wasn't crowded - and the city welcomed us with marvellous church right out side the main train station. We had a choice of water taxi or water bus, and we decided to go for the latter as we've been splurging on food for the past few nights. Maybe that was a wrong choice, because the 10 minutes walk to the water bus stations involved crossing two high bridges with our large luggage. We stayed all the way at the eastern tip of Venice, Sant Elena. Indigo Hotel turned an old Monastery into a beautiful hotel across Croatia. After our first experience on the water bus, we checked in - freshened up before heading out to catch sunset over the grand canal at Ponte dell'Accademia. 
1. Sunset Bus Ride
2. Saint Mark side-lit
3. San Giorgio Maggiore Kissing the Sun
4. Layers of Venice
5. Canal Side Architecture
From the ocean, the water bus turn right into the southern end of Grand Canal. The sky was turning pink and I was scrambling to get my tripod out - and thought to myself that I'm glad I have a few more night ahead of me in this magical city. My imagination of Venice was based on Altissia of FFXV (of course inspired by Venice). How does such city exist ? This might be one of the time that such man-made place can left one in awe.
‘If you read a lot, nothing is as great as you’ve imagined. Venice is — Venice is better.’ 
– Fran Lebowitz.
6. Twilight at Ponte dell'Accademia 
7. Grand Canal Night Traffic
8. The Moon over Venice

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