What you aim at determines what you see.” – Jordan B. Peterson
Few days ago during my training session in the gym. I overheard a conversation between the trainer and another gentlemen. They were discussing whether having nuts in their diet is a good idea. I was thinking to myself, of course, everyone know that nuts are healthy food. The answer from the trainer was to moderate the nuts consumption to the diet. I was curious about the answer and I went up and ask the trainer afterward because I was curious about that myself as well. His answer led me to reflect and think. “It depends on what your goal is, if you want to loose weight, nuts are to be avoid due to their high calorie. Even though it considered as one of the healthy and nutritious food, it’s rich in calorie”
This is why it’s important to have an aim.
For someone whose goal is eating healthy, nuts as part of the diet are totally a good idea.
For someone whose goal is weight loss, nuts might be a bad idea.
(11 calories per 1 peanut, and think of the last time you had them)

The Invisible Gorilla Experiment by Chabris and Simons
People focused on one thing can ridiculously overlook something else. In an experiment by Chabris and Simons in 2010, audience were asked count the number of passes made by the people in white shirts. Half way through, a Gorilla appear and walk right through the frame. When asked, half of the people who counted the pass miss the Gorilla that walked right through. This signify how much we can miss out of the world that depends on what we paid attention to.
What you aim determines what you see. What you see determines your action. Know your aim, and frequently ask yourself a simple question ” would this take me closer, or further from my aim “

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