2018: Changing Chapters

This year has been a year of changing chapters for me, both in work and in life. I made the right decisions in two of the areas that matter. I set myself up to have meaningful relationship, making memorable moments, and I did both in 2018. For those of you who took part in those moments, thank you for sharing the memory with us.

I know though, that I could’ve done better in many aspects. I caught myself spending intentionless time that begot the feeling of regret. It’s not about productivity, but not living intently that bothers me. It’s picking the easy things instead of the hard things that matter, essentially that’s what procastination is. Time to fix this is now, 28th December 2018, and I’m not going to procrastinate until the new year. 

I wanted to share the lessons I’ve learned, changed my mind about, or relearned in 2018. I intend to put this out as a self reminders, and as a potential list of things that might be helpful to others. 

On Work

What matters to You now? 

Figure out what matters to you, find out your priority. For me it’s not about optimizing for fame and money, but work now is more about learning opportunites. When choosing between playing your strength, or being in a position to learn, always choose both. The insersect exist. 

Sincerirty over Seniority

I struggle with being a younger person in the room, working with way more experienced people. What helped me is sincreity. To be curious and to show that you really want to help and drive value. It pays off.

Too Much Information

I used to believe that in this day and age, more information is like oil, more is better. I changed my mind, too much information above a certainpoint feeds only the confirmation bias, overfitting, not the accuracy. Beware of the trap, and separate the signals and their relationship. 

On Self

There’s always room in your control

If you think about all your disspointment. Ask yourself, have you done everything you can do that’s in your control? My answer to this question is never a yes. If you feel like you made all the right choices, are you sure you can’t try a little experiment of “less right” choices? 

I get to narrative

It help me a lot to change the voice in my head from I have to do x, to I get to do x. Running can be rewarding if you get to run everyday or running can be sufferring if you have to run everyday. 

The only life you live is now

The best advice that I think apply to everything is “showing up”. To be healthy, to have fun, to find love, all you have to do (consitently) is showing up. 

On Relationship

Be the light in other people’s life

I’m lucky to have angels in my life and I am who I am because they were there at the right time, and they believed in me. I struggle finding the answer to the question “How much of your life is shaped by the environment and how much is your choices?” I made several good choices, my choices were influenced by the environment that I grew up in. This make me realized that I am super lucky, and you, probably are too. Do pass it forward and be the light in other people lives.

The Best Gift in Life

My wedding day was much more special to me than I expected because I see most of the people that shaped me to who I am in a single room. The scarest resource that never replenishes, is time. Choose to spend it wisely, and treasure those presents.

Meaning from the Entirity

Happiness is a rollercoster, you go down, and you go up a ride. Happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue. Life is meaningful when viewed in entirity. For me it’s the good, the bad, and everything in between as long as there is a why. 

Wherever you are, don’t be chained down by the past. Show Up, to the gym, to class, to work, to life, to 2019. Happy New Year!

01 Jan’s Active Volcanoe
02 After the Balloon Ride
03 Imagine Valley

04 Touristy
05 Winter Land
06 Fly By
07 Winter’s Song
08 Tokyo’s Bloom
09 SG’s Selfie
10 Bird’s Eye View
11 Moscow’s Kisses
12 Moscow’s River Blue
13 Save it for a Rainy Day
14 Red Square’s Magic
15 Gatsby’s Light
16 Namsan’s Blue
17 Old & New
18 Seoul’s Rise
19 Formation
20 Railway Home
21 Coolest Bar Owner
22 After the Long Run
23 Dream School
24 Night at Bay Bridge
25 A Place to Read
26 Singapore’s Birthday
27 A Day at Sea
28 Onwards and Upwards
29 To Lion City
30 Late Twilight at Boat Quay

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