Cordoba is one of the most interesting city in Southern Spain. I took a train from Seville to Cordoba as my last stop in southern Spain before going back up to Barcelona. Cordoba is a clash between Christianity and Islam, and you can see the evidence architecturally in the Mosque of Cordoba, wait —Cathedral of Cordoba, well it’s hard to get a politically correct name for this one. 
By the time I arrived, the lights were all out. I went for a quick stroll and took a night shot of the roman bridge of Cordoba. 
Lit up Cordoba
In May, Cordoba do celebrate in style with lit up architectural structure. I didn’t plan for this but it works out well for me.
The Arches & the Moon
It was a full moon night, the iconic islamic arches of Cordoba is an iconic memorable one. 
Sunrise over Calm Cordoba Water
Cordoba city center is quite small and walkable, staying close to the attractions, I walked out to capture the sunrise over the calm water of Cordoba river.
I wanted to be the first lot to enter the cathedral. I was too early so I crossed the Cordoba river to take a shot of the Cathedral behind the Roman Bridge & guardian angels of Cordoba.
When the Cathedral opens, I was one of the first to get in. I was welcomed by the hauntingly beautiful repetitive arches. They made one few small and humble, realizing that we’re just a tiny part of the infinite world. A few minutes of walking would bring you to a white and gold lit hall filled with catholic sculptures of angels.
The Haunting Arches
Cross Army
Capilla Real
The Mosque/Cathedral of Cordoba is a place you can’t miss when visiting Cordoba. ( It would most likely be the reason you came in the first place anyway!) I came out into a sunny day, and the place was getting crowded from all of the visitor. Shots of cool spaniards are taken along on my way in the city.
Another postcard picture is Calleja de las Flores. It’s a small alley that take you through a narrow alley that offers a vantage point of the mosque’s bell tower. It’s crowded and small, so if you plan to go, be there early or late.
Calleja de las Flores
The Roman Gate

Til Next Time Cordoba

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